Growth Mindset Activities for Tweens and Teens

Growth Mindset Activities for Tweens and Teens

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See how much your confidence and self-esteem can change in just 52 weeks. 

This bundle of exercises help tween and teens discover their best self at a time they need the most support. Each worksheet is designed to: 

  • Help them see every 'failure' as a learning opportunity 
  • Give them the tools to handle stress
  • Help them see criticism in a different light
  • Easily set attainable goals 
  • Best of all, help them see that they can achieve anything they set their mind to. 

Success is all in the mindset and this workbook helps them cultivate a growth mindset for them to tackle life's challenges. 

  • 52 exercises for them to complete throughout the year
  • Fun, fill in the type activities that they'll actually enjoy 
  • Tween and teens who like to journal will love this
  • Suited for ages 9+