About Us: Pretty Pickles

Hello there!

My name is Iona and I run the shop with a super small team (by small I mean, my dog Fudge, husband Cristian and a few lovely freelancers). 

Thanks for dropping by. I'm so glad we've crossed paths. When Pretty Pickles started waaaaay back in 2012, I was green to the world of online shops. I just wanted to sell sustainable party ware to help people celebrate special moments. 

Fast forward to 2020, we've evolved a little bit. My mission is still to help people celebrate special moments but with books, fun printables and stationary to help them take a break from their digital devices and connect with one another. 

I was one of those people who use to spend hours and hours of my day with a digital device. Even though I was physically present, my mind was on my emails, social notifications and what to Google next. 

I realised I wasn't being the wife or dog mom my family deserved. And so I rolled out a bunch of quizzes, books and tools to help us connect again. And that evolved into more books for parents to share with their kids. And then it evolved to making little scratch and reveal notecards to put in lunchboxes, to make someone's day a little brighter. 

I truly believe it's in these little things and moments that make life so great. 

Thanks for joining our journey.